Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Braces, take two!

Another one is getting braces! No, not the little guy (though I'm sure his time will come), but the big one! Christopher (14) went for his first appointment to the orthodontist yesterday. He has quite a bit of work to be done, as he has an open bite, meaning his teeth do not fully come together when his mouth closes. He also has 2 baby teeth that do not want to come out, so it's preventing the permanent ones from coming in. He may have to have some permanent teeth pulled, too, in order to make room for all this adjusting to happen. Fortunately, he's not nervous about it at all. I visited 2 highly recommended orthodontists and chose the one I felt most comfortable with. He was very thorough at explaining everything and I truly believe he'll do a wonderful job with Christopher. Christopher likes the fact that they have video games in the waiting room, too! Best case scenario, they will be off in 2 years, but that is also dependent on him wearing his rubber bands and following the ortho's instructions. I say that because my oldest in braces really struggles with remembering those things! So hopefully in the next few weeks, he'll actually have the brackets put on and start the teeth rearranging. I'll be sure to post a picture of that!

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