Monday, April 13, 2009

Zoo day..

Yay! Dad is on vacation this week, so we made plans to do lots of fun stuff we have never gotten a chance to do. Today was our first trip to the Houston zoo. The zoo here is downtown, which seems a little odd at first, since you're surrounded by huge office buildings! It was perfect weather to be outside-nice and sunny! We hit the children's zoo first. The kids enjoyed petting some goats (Eden especially!).

They also liked the prarie dog exhibit, where you can poke your head up in the middle of the exhibit in these little plastic tubes...

We saw some cool animals, like the elephant-

Sorry John, that's not a real elephant!

The giraffes (they had 5 of them!)

And this odd looking half-zebra thing. I can't remember the name.

My kids thought the highlight of the trip was feeding the ducks! That is, until we were shooed away by the zoo staff and told that we couldn't feed them bread because they'd get fat. I had never heard that before.

It was a fun day together, though the zoo wasn't as good as we expected. But we are looking forward to more fun things this week while Dad's home!

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  1. The prairie dog tubes do look fun! LOL! I've heard that about bread with birds before, but this zoo usually doesn't have a problem with it, I guess because they're wild. That's weird that they have rules there against feeding them! I'm glad you had fun though! Looks like a great zoo! You guys have been busy!