Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More vacation fun!

On Tuesday we had the chance to visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science downtown for the first time. It was free admission from 2-8 p.m., so off we went! We saw huge dinosaurs...

Learned all about energy and electricity..

and had some goofy fun with this alien cutout!
They had a very large animal exhibit (don't worry..nothing alive!) Here's John with the alligator:

Mary was a little unsure of this lion exhibit. There were bloody zebra limbs all over..Kinda creepy.
We had fun and left when little ones started getting antsy. After our long day, we went out to eat at McDonald's-a real treat for everyone-and especially me since I didn't have to cook!
Today we ventured a little farther. We decided to head down toward Galveston and visit the beach. We'd only been there once since we've lived here, as it's about an hour and a half away, but the girls have not stopped talking about going back! First stop before Galveston was the Lego shop. This opened last year at a mall about 15 miles outside of Galveston. This is the only one in all of Texas, so we really wanted to go visit. Since Christopher and Michael are very much into Lego animation, they were in heaven! They had every Lego set you could want!
They even had a pick-a-brick wall where you could purchase individual bricks in case some were missing. Kind of cool:

Christopher purchased several things he had been wanting, so he was happy! By this time, it was lunchtime, so we stopped at the Chili's in Galveston, overlooking the ocean. A very pretty view and we all were starving! We had the nicest server, too, which is such a blessing when you have many children! Finally, after we were done, we headed across the street to the beach. Unfortunately, we didn't realize it was going to be 30 mile per hour winds and kind of chilly! The kids still collected shells and put their feet in the water (okay, some just dove in, I think!)

Eden got to do some digging in the sand, too, which she loved! When we got home, she even continued that digging in her sandbox...minus the 30 mph winds.

On the way home, several of the little ones passed out and slept-isn't that the best part? We were all happy to get home by about 4:30 or so and were really worn out from such a long day-we had been gone since 9:30. We skipped our usual Wednesday nite activities, as we were just too beat. I'm sure they will all sleep well tonite! It was the first time I've heard my kids ask me if we could please just stay home for a while! Hee hee! :-)

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