Monday, April 6, 2009

Trusting God....

Sometimes when I am out and about....okay, often when I am out and about, I get asked questions about my family. After all, you don't see too many families with so many people, do you? I was in the Sam's Club the other day when one of these situations came up. I was checking out, with only 3 of my girls and the baby in tow. The young-20 something cashier asked me if that was my only boy. I told him that, well, he was the only one HERE. Then he asked me the big question-how many kids do you have? Uh-oh, here goes. I told him 10 and he just looked at me a little odd and kept ringing things up. He paused for a few moments and said, "I just have to ask you...what made you decide to have 10 kids?" Without hesitating, I told him that, well, I really didn't decide to have 10 kids-God chose the timing of each of our children, I was just willing to accept them! And so far, he's given us 10! He stared at me for a few moments as if I had worms coming out of my nose and then said "O-kay....Well......good luck if you have anymore.." Then handed me my receipt! Hmmmm...I thought about it in the car-was my answer really that strange? When I told Larry, he said I must have been the talk of Sam's club the rest of the afternoon. Probably so, but it did make me sad to think how odd it is to hear anyone say they trust God for anything! We get so caught up in our own lives and where they're going, we just sort of push God to the side and go where we want to. I am just as guilty of this as any other and I am truly ashamed of that. With Easter approaching, it is the perfect time to reflect on all that Christ has done for each of us. Not only does he love us, he showed us that by his dying on the cross and taking our sin upon Himself. How could I not trust someone who showed me that kind of love? I have never done anything remotely close to what Jesus did for me, but so many times I turn to myself for guidance instead of to Him. Maybe I am just 'wise in my own eyes'....or maybe I just sometimes want things my own way. Whatever it is, when I decide to take control myself, I always end up in the wrong place, which makes me wonder why I didn't just trust Him in the first place! I am so thankful I serve such a loving, merciful, forgiving Lord! Next time I hear someone say they are trusting God with their finances, size of their family, or anything else, I want to be an encouragement to them in a time when so many others think it a strange thing to do!


  1. It is so sad to me that so many people, especially Christians, can't trust God! I get remarks all the time about having my hands full or something like that, and I've only got 4 so far!!!

    Hey, are you on the Quiverfull blogroll? You need to get on there! It is on my sidebar. I think you just click on the link and send in your information and they'll add you. It took her a while to get me added, but I think she had things going on at the time, so hopefully your blog will get on their quickly. :)

  2. I think it was wonderful what you said! If nothing else, he thought about it. I want to get a t-shirt that says, "If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart."

  3. It amazes me as well, that so often it's Christians who question FULLY trusting the Lord (though, I must interject that sometimes within a marriage there are differences of opinion - so, some of us basically "can't" put the full trust in God on some things) I truly look up to and admire families like yours, trusting God to determine the size of your family AND the finances to provide for a large family ... I actually had a family member tell me (more than once) that that's "just stupid" - I couldn't believe it? Trusting God is stupid? I guess if all you've ever seen of large families is struggle and a dependency on others to provide what you need, you get a bitter attitude ... I am so thankful of my time in Oklahoma because I saw so many families who not only had many children, but were perfectly capable of taking wonderful care of them as well! I do believe, otherwise, I might have some of those same opinions as my family!