Saturday, April 25, 2009

Products I love....

Over the years of being married and having kids, I feel like I've bought my fair share of products that just don't work well or that I just wouldn't buy again. If you ever tried an epilady back in it's heyday, you know what I'm talking about! But there are some that stand out among my favorites, for many different reasons. Most often, it is because it makes my life easier-and with a busy house, I can use all the help I can get! So here goes-a list of a few products I love and wouldn't want to do without!

1. Crocs (or for me, the cheaper imitation crocs!) I love these shoes and I never thought I would. My husband thinks they are the ugliest things-maybe so-but they are comfortable! I first started wearing them often when I was pregnant with Luke-not only did they help my back, but toward the end, I was so swollen, they were the only shoes I could fit in! Now I can fit back in my regular shoes, but these are my official "around the house" shoes. Love 'em!

2. Baby highchair with wipeable pad. I'm not partial to a particular brand, just the fact that you can wipe it off. I never understood the logic of a fabric pad on a highchair-must be for those moms that love doing wash! I use my highchair everyday with my babes and toddlers. Can't do without!

3. Nursing tank tops. After Luke was born, I gave up on nursing bras. I never could find one that fit well or wasn't truly ugly. I also hated having my tummy exposed every time I went to feed my baby. Enter the nursing tank top! I tried several brands, but my favorite by far are these. They are so comfy and less expensive than some other ones.

4. My Bosch mixer. This thing is my workhorse. I use it constantly for making bread to cookies and everything inbetween. I've burned out more handmixers than I can count-the Bosch is here to stay!

5. Baby carrots. Okay, kind of a random thing, but I love those peeled baby carrots that come in bags. I spend way more on these than I should, but I love that it's just all done for you. One of those splurges that is well worth it in my book.

6. Paper plates-or for us, we also use the sheets of wax paper in the plastic baskets. As long as it's not a dish that has to be washed, I love it.

7. My washing machine and dryer. Need I say more?

8. My combination playpen/changing table. I have the Combi one and I love it, but I don't know if they sell it anymore. I keep this downstairs in our living room and it is so convenient having a place to change the babies during the day besides the floor. And the changer folds down and out of the way, too. It wasn't cheap, but well worth it.

9. Luna Bars. I only recently discovered these during my pregnancy. They are a healthy snack bar that come in many different flavors. They have protein and lots of vitamins, so good for pregnant or nursing moms. If you're not used to eating protein bars, they don't taste like a candy bar or anything, but these are one of the better tasting.

10. My Bible. I saved the best for last! This is one thing I would never want to be without. It's my favorite book-and often, the only thing I set aside time to read. I prefer my NKJV study Bible over any other. No matter how much I read it, God is always teaching me something new from it.

Well, there you have it! It's not fancy or even that well thought out, really-but it's a quick list of a few things I love and wouldn't want to do without at this point. If you have a product that you love, too, I'd love to hear!


  1. I love this post. Where did you get the baskets (from #6)? We could really use something like that. One of my fav products is my Hoover vac. It has all the attachments on it so you don't have to go searching just to do the stairs. Running the vac makes the room look nice even when you don't have time to dust, etc. Anything to make life easier, faster, and less storage/clutter.

  2. I'm just gonna have to second your baby carrot thing. But your nursing tank top link didn't work for me. Could you check it if you find a minute? I'm curious about them.

  3. Bethany, try the nursing tank link again-think I fixed it.