Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Horse camp, take two!

My 3 girls, Sarah, Rachel, and Mary had a chance to go back to miniature horse camp today for the more advanced class, where they learned even more about taking care of miniature horses! They loved every minute of it-they have not stop talking aobut it ever since they took the first class back in January! The lady who teaches the class is so very patient with the kids and so kind, which I'm sure made them that much more eager to return!
Here are Mary doing some grooming on their horses:

They also did practicing on the obstacle course:

Sarah even learned how to get her horse to jump! She did great!

They even had a fun carriage ride at the end!

John, even though he didn't participate in the camp, loved the horses, and petted many of them. He was sad to have to leave them!

Maybe there will be a mini-horse someday in our future..I know that would be my girls' dream! They just love them!

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  1. That is so cool! They look like they had a ton of fun and did great! Way to go, girls!!! :)