Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Being green

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I should write something about this topic. I wouldn't consider myself an environmentalist, but after watching a show a while back with my kids that featured a family who throws out one bag of trash PER YEAR (yes, you read that right!), it got me thinking about my own habits. I don't do enough to help the environment, I'm aware of that-after all, I drive a huge, gas guzzling 15 passenger van, use disposable diapers on my kids (yes, I know they take 75 years to decompose) , and throw out at least one bag of trash PER DAY-usually more! Ugh-it's almost shameful to admit that! With my son, Michael as the inspiration, we came up with something we could do! I can't give up the van, won't give up the diapers, but we can cut down on the amount of that trash! So, we are officially recycling!
Big deal, you're thinking, I already do that! Well, we're starting small. Baby steps, everyone! We do not have curbside pickup for recyclables here, so we actually have to tote them down to the dropoff. Not a really big deal, since it is close, and we plan to take it when we make our weekly library trip. We had our first dropoff last week and it felt good to know that we were doing something to help our planet stay nicer! A little rant here, though, I do wish companies would do their part and cut down on some of the excessive packaging for their products. For some things, there's more packaging than there is product! Much of it is not recyclable either, so in the trash it goes. We don't have any special plans to take part in any official earth day celebrations tomorrow, but we will be spending some time outside, enjoying God's creation and being thankful for how He has blessed us! Happy Earth Day!


  1. I have been saying for years that we need to recycle, at least a little, but it's so difficult for me. We would need more space for the recycling containers, and we just don't have it! I'm trying to get rid of as much as I can right now just to have more space to LIVE in here. We don't even have living room furniture anymore!

    I'm not complaining, I am enjoying learning to live simply, and we have everything that we NEED, but I just don't want to mess with recycling right now. LOL! But I do though, ya know? sigh

  2. don't feel bad. Before we started recycling(recently), we took at LEAST TWO large trashcan's full to the curb every day, and that's the only reason we started recycling....we were running out of space in our curb-side can and the city was gonna charge us $70 for another....and if we didn't have pick-up, i still wouldn't be doing it!