Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun at the Folk Festival!!

This weekend, our family had a chance to go to the Family Folk Festival here in our town of Katy. This is the second year we have attended and it was so much fun! The festival reenacts the pioneer times and has many activities for the kids to do from the 1800's time period. The girls made rag dolls from fabric and stuffing. Here is Rachel's with hers:

They just loved making them and want to make some more on our own! They also made cornhusk dolls, with Larry helping them. I was nursing the baby, so I didn't get to participate in this one! Here is Mary, proud of her finished doll:

Sarah participated in some nut shelling (pecans, yummy!)

and tried her hand at calligraphy using a special pen and an inkwell. It's much harder than it looks!
John tried out roping the cows,

and chasing chickens.

Here the kids are preparing corn to grind into cornmeal:

John put all his muscle into that grinding...

We had such a fun day, even little Luke. Look how happy he is when I peeked in on him in his stroller!

We can't wait until next year's festival!

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  1. Wow, that looks like so much more fun than Septemberfest! :)