Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bring on the cookies!!

My girls decided they wanted to have a cookie sale in our neighborhood today with their friend who lives around the block. So in preparation, we baked TONS of chocolate chip and white chocolate chip cookies yesterday and packaged them all up, ready to sell!

Around lunchtime, we set up a table, made some signs and set up shop! Their friend brought some cupcakes to sell, too. At 50 cents a package, I was sure they'd sell some. Here's a picture of them all together-they had so much fun!

They did surprisingly well and sold all the cookies we made-minus the ones they may have eaten! They made $18. Not bad for a few hours work. More importantly, they had a great time with a friend. They're already looking forward to doing a lemonade sale!


  1. Your girls are adorable! A cookie sale is a great idea. We've done lemonade stands, but never thought of cookies. Still to rainy here to even go out. I love seeing all your pics.

  2. Wow. That really worked, huh? Kavahn's been asking me if he can set up some kind of bake sale, but i guess i was too cynical to think people would walk down and buy something.....maybe we will try it after all. Looks like they had fun.