Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pizza nite!

We have a lot of fun cooking and baking at our house. I love trying new stuff. It also takes a lot of food to keep my crew fed! We have one nite a week we designate as "Pizza night" at our house. We don't normally order out for pizza, but make it ourselves at home. It's cheaper, most definitely, and you get to fix it the way you want! 4 pizzas is enough for us at this point, and cooking two at a time in the oven, it doesn't really take that long. Our favorite is the meat lovers style-with pepperoni, hamburger, and ham. We also do cheese for the littler ones and usually straight pepperoni also.
I would love a veggie pizzza, but haven't been able to convince anyone else of how good it really is. I always need helpers with dinner and there are usually no shortage of those! Sarah and Eden were my two helpers this particular nite. Notice all the scrapes on Eden's face..she took a nasty spill at the playground that day.
It was Eden's first time helping with the pizza, so I think she ate more than she actually put on the pizza! With time, I'm sure she'll improve. They had a lot of fun! My hope is that not only will they enjoy the time with mom, but also learn some cooking skills which they will need when they have their own homes. Never too early to prepare, right?


  1. How fun! Looks delicious! When we come for a visit, we'll have to make sure it is on a Friday:)

  2. Sorry, this is a Saturday. Ok, we'll come on a Saturday.

  3. Sorry Heather, I should have posted that pizza nite is Thursday! I'm just a couple days behind on posting! So you'll have to make that visit on a Thursday :-)

  4. Yum! I would insist on a veggie pizza for me! LOL! Maybe you could just make a half or even a fourth veggie one!

    Our favorite pizza here (because most of us are vegetarian) is spinach pineapple from CiCi's. I just made a homemade pizza the other day and just made cheese/pineapple. YUM! Myles' favorite (and mine before I went veg) is barbeque! I've made a homemade bbq before too, and it was really good!!