Monday, May 4, 2009

An unexpected blessing!

If you have read some of my earlier posts, you may remember some of our woes with our oven. We first started having problems when it was only 9 months old, when it started shutting off in the middle of cooking. It was sporadic at the time, so we were told by Whirlpool that they couldn't fix it unless it was doing it all the time. Fast forward another 9 was shutting off ALL the time. In order to cook anything, I'd have to turn off the oven and then restart it every 5-10 minutes. It was ridiculous looking, I'm sure, with me running around so much while trying to prepare a meal! Since it was out of warranty at that point, we called a repair person, assuming it would be maybe a couple hundred dollars for the repair. 3 trips back and almost $600 later, the oven still was not fixed. He had replaced everything possible and there was nothing left to do. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. As a last resort, we decided to call Whirlpool and see what their take was on our "unfixable" oven. They sent out one of their own repair people who, like the first person, judged it as not fixable. He said we'd have to take it up with customer service and see if they'd do anything about it. At this point, we figured we were just out the money and would have to also purchase a new oven. After some lengthy conversations, Larry was able to convince them to replace our defective oven with a new one (He's good at that). I could hardly believe it! That never happens-at least never to us! So just as promised, this past Saturday, our new oven was delivered!

Isn't it nice? I've already cooked in it and it works wonderfully! No having to reset the oven every five minutes! Yay! I'm so thankful for such a wonderful and unexpected blessing!

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  1. Yes, he is good at stuff like that! I remember him telling us some stories. LOL! That's awesome! Enjoy your blessing! It looks great!