Sunday, May 31, 2009

More happenings...

Saturday was a busy one for us. Two birthday parties for kids to go to. Fortunately, one of them was across the street, so I was able to walk right over with the little ones. It was my sweet neighbor's little boy's 3rd birthday. Hannah, John, and Eden went and had so much fun. They rented a huge moon bounce machine, which John spent lots of time in. For some reason, he kept wanting to stand on his head.

They really enjoyed their swingset, too, I guess because it's so much different (and nicer) than ours at home. Lots of pizza, cake, and ice cream made for 3 happy kiddos!

The next party was for Sarah's friend that she met during her keyboard class this year. They live out in the country, so they had plenty of room for a water balloon fight . Sarah liked that part and got pretty wet! She was only one of a couple girls at the party, so some of the airsoft gun wars she didn't participate in-just too boyish! But she still had a great time!
In the midst of all this, Dad returned from his fishing trip in Galveston with several catches! Here's one of the big ones.

I can't remember what it is called, but he did say it was quite a pain to cut it up-I guess the scales were really hard to get through. It was yummy, though! Yes, dinner was Daddy's fish that he fried up. Surprisingly, the kids loved it. He also got a baby shark, though we weren't able to eat that one, since it wasn't filleted up right away. But look at those teeth.

Creepy, huh? The only downside of the trip was the lost pair of glasses, due to some big waves. After a busy weekend, I'm ready to have a few resting days!


  1. Looks like fun in the sun in Houston!

  2. whoa - that's a huge fish ... and a shark, wow!