Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When it's hot outside...

It's been pretty hot here in Houston lately. So when the temperature rises, we look for fun stuff to do indoors. Today we decided to hit Chuck E. Cheese. This is NOT one of my favorite places to go to normally, as it always seems so chaotic. A friend tipped me off (thanks Janie!) that they open early at 9 a.m. (note-uncrowded) and it's a great-and pretty cheap-place to go and just let your kiddos play games. At only 25 cents a game, I'd agree! We headed down about 9:30 took our coupons with us and were able to get 200 tokens for $25. I know that's a lot, but split up amongst 9 of my 10 kids, it's really not all that many! The little ones had a ball on the carousel and other rides.

Eden even tried out the skeeball! With a little help from big brother!
There were even a few games for the big guys, so they didn't get left out..

They collected tons of tickets from their games and pooled them all together to get some great, dollar-store-quality prizes! :-) We made sure everyone got to pick out some candy, too. After we got home, of course they were all hyped up and super-entertained and wanted to have more entertainment! (ie. TV, computer games...you get the point!) Nope, mean mama made them do something that uses their brains-we pulled out the playdough and watercolors and let everyone be creative.

They had a lot of fun....especially Eden, my 2yo. She's not in this picture, but she loves any kind of drawing or painting, so she spent a lot of time with the watercolors. It's much better than her usual pictures that end up drawn on my wall! She's a sweetie, but sometimes a handfull!

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