Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. The theme? The Ten Commandments. Michael, Sarah, Rachel, and Mary are all participating. We even have a few of the neighbor kids coming with us to join in the fun. Matthew and Christopher are working as helpers. Christopher is in the 10-12 year olds and Matthew is doing recreation (games). A perfect fit for him! I was very proud that they volunteered to help. We go to a fairly small church, but there were a lot of kids who signed up, and many who don't even attend church there, so that is great! They have memory verses they will be working on for the week to earn points, contests to participate in, and lots of different crafts to do! Yay for crafts! Unfortunately, they have a mommy who is quite un-crafty, so I am always delighted when they get to do something creative. I was told that Moses even made an appearance today holding those Ten Commandments (our pastor). My 2 oldest boys have said they really appreciate the snack table available for the staff. :-) Obviously, they sampled from it many times. I hope to have some pictures up this week of the fun stuff they've done. I did realize one thing different about all my big kids being gone all is so much harder running an errand with all the little ones and no other helping hands! I've almost forgotten what that is like! Hats off to all you mamas of infants and toddlers, with no bigger helpers-you have a big job!


  1. We're having VBS too! I'll be praying for the hearts of all the little one's that come through your churches doors this week.

  2. LOL! That is so funny you mentioned not having any "big helpers"! I'm sort of in between right now.....I still have to do a lot, but at the same time I get a TON of relief from my 9yo now who is fast, big and strong enough to carry Jack! But it wasn't long ago when he wasn't able to help with much more than retrieving diapers or taking a wet one to the trash, so I remember it all well. And we're not yet to the stage where the older ones are able to stay at home alone, babysit or "run the house", so some days are still tough in that area.....but we're getting there! It is my goal to train them to manage the household duties so that if I am sick or gone, they can take care of themselves just fine! ;) Obviously the long-term goal is preparing them for a family of their own someday. LOL! Anyway, I just thought it was funny, sort of ironic, to hear a mother of TEN say that someone with 1 or 2 little ones ONLY has it hard! LOL! Too funny! And encouraging at the same time! LOL!