Monday, June 29, 2009

In our neigborhood

We looked out our window today and what did we see?

Yes, that is smoke billowing out of the wooded area behind our subdivision! Not just smoke, but huge flames! Apparently, a warehouse caught fire somehow and it spread quickly! I am thankful it did not spread to the trees nearby and then to the homes in our area. The kids were fascinated by it. The boys all hopped on their bikes to get a closer look and everyone thought it was so cool that several news helicopters were hovered over our house! The firemen were there all day putting out the fire and they still had the street closed off as of 9:00 at nite.
Well, in the midst of the whole fire incident, Rachel and Mary decided they wanted to make a cake. Sarah was at her friend's house for the afternoon playing, so they wanted something fun to do too! They measured and mixed up everything by themselves (truly! I was just supervising). They baked it, frosted it, and we had a great dessert for after dinner tonite! It really was good!
Here is a picture of them with their creation (notice the chocolate on Mary's mouth)....

It was such a fun time in the kitchen-they are looking forward to more yummy creations (though maybe minus the whole fire incident)!


  1. HI Amy,
    what a great blog! the girls look adorable. Sorry about the fire. Thank GOD no one was hurt. please give my love to all,
    love Rose :} XOXOXO

  2. I can't believe they frosted that themselves! Looks better than any cake i've ever made and i'm a grown up!....or so they tell me.

  3. wow - that's some major smoke! What a great job they did on the cake!