Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another birthday!

Another one? Didn't we just have one, you're thinking? Yes, we did, and yes, there was another birthday today! With 10 kiddos, there's always bound to be a birthday celebration not too far around the corner. Figuring out how to handle birthday celebrations in a larger family isn't always easy. Some people group them together and have one celebration every 3 months or so-others only have parties every few years, and one large family we saw on TV has one large birthday celebration for everyone just once a year. It was an event, that's for sure! But a lot of fun. In our family, we celebrate each child's birthday individually. We feel like it's important for them to have their own special day-something they don't get a lot with so many siblings. We allow them a certain budget for the birthday and they can do what they'd like with it. Some have chosen to go out to dinner, some have a party at home, and others combine it with another who has their birthday close by so they can do something that costs more money. It's up to them.
Today was Rachel's 8th birthday. I can hardly believe she's 8! She had a fun party and invited several friends to join her. We started off with some games like pin the tail on the donkey....
Do you think he's peeking out of that blindfold? :-) We also played some musical chairs. Very simple, but fun-that's the theme at our parties!
On to the fun part....the pinata! No Yonda party is complete without lots and lots of sugar! This pinata was packed-and I mean every inch- with candy. They sure had a great time scooping it all up.
After the pinata, we were unsure whether everyone was sugared up enough, so we served the cake and ice cream. Here's the cake I decorated for her. Very girly, huh?
Last, it was on to opening the gifts. Everyone got her the sweetest things. This one is from Grandma. Aunt Michelle also got her some Hello Kitty things, too. I think Rachel did a lot of talking about it when they were out here to visit!
I think this was the cutest gift of all, though...what do you think?


  1. Summer sounds like a busy birthday time for your crew. We are too. Love all the pics.

  2. How cute! :) You've got lots of June birthdays, huh? I remember it is June-ish and December-ish for most of your kids! LOL! I love how you do your birthdays with the budget thing and letting them decide what to use it for. Do you ever let them just buy something with the money and not have a party or go out to eat? Maybe we'll start doing something like this too! We normally do individual birthdays too, but I like this budget/their choice thing. :)

    I love it that you have a blog!!!

  3. Where did you learn to make cakes like that?! Mine are always like....well, rather like a train wreck! Did you make the blue car cake also?