Saturday, June 20, 2009

What's missing?

Do you notice something missing from this picture?

Did you guess it? Look very closely......
Give up?

Could it be this........

Yes! It's Hannah's hair that's missing from her head! So how did those pretty curls end up on the floor? I'll give you one starts with a J and ends with an N. If you guessed John, you're right! John, my very, very busy almost 5 year old, decided to take it upon himself to search out our haircutting scissors from our bathroom (which we keep in a very difficult to reach place) and proceed to play beauty shop on Hannah! When I asked him why he cut his sister's hair, he simply replied, "Because I wanted her to look byooful (beautiful) you, Mommy!" about tugging at my heartstrings! What a naughty thing to do, but what he said was so sweet! Anyway, we talked about never, never using the scissors to cut anyone's hair-the only people who are ever allowed to do that are the hairdresser or mommy. Hopefully this is his last stint as a stylist. It was such a shame because Hannah had just nearly grown out her bangs that her sister had cut completely off about 6 months ago..and now this! Apparently, she's a very good hair model. I'm guessing she doesn't put up a fight. In fact, she really did think she looked quite beautiful. Fortuntately, when you're 3, you can walk around with one side of your hair chopped off, looking slightly goofy and no one really cares. After all, it seems to happen to almost every child at one point or another. I just happen to have 10 children, so it seems to happen more often than I'd like! Well, hopefully by Christmastime, she'll have much more normal looking hair. I am just thankful it was not right before an important event or a family portrait. But even if it was, we'd all be able to laugh about it later!


  1. How cute! I can't get my little ones to sit still for a cut. They wiggle and cry as if there are nerve ending in each strand. So maybe if someone there own age were doing the cutting things would go better. Then again Hannah's face doesn't look happy with the finished product:)

  2. we've yet to have this happen in our house! My big kids have been told that we DO NOT cut our own hair, or anyone elses ... they have been warned how very upset I would be, as well! Let's just pray that I never have to deal with that! lol