Friday, June 26, 2009

Look how big I am!

Can you believe Luke is already 7 months old? Wow, he's grown fast! So what fun things is he doing now? Well, here's a few things:
  • Sitting up well, without tipping over and falling on his face!
  • Attempting to crawl, though not that coordinated yet
  • Playing with lots of toys, especially ones that are noisy or he can bang together
  • Waving to people
  • Babbling up a storm!
  • Rolling all over the place as his means of getting places (even accidentally off the bed once)
  • Laughing and smiling all the time! He even is quite ticklish.
  • He has one tooth-front and center on the bottom!
  • Eating all kinds of food, even things that aren't food (like Mommy's shopping list!)

Here is a picture of him after discovering a new love-birthday cake (yes-it was my birthday yesterday). I don't normally feed my babies birthday cake, but he sort of swiped it from his sister's plate while she was standing near him. Before we knew what happened, he had shoved it all in his mouth and looked like this!

I've got to say, he may be messy, but he's darn cute! Almost looks like he'd been fingerpainting or something. Yes, I know he is in need of a haircut, but I just can't bring myself to cut off those sweet baby locks. I guess it's just hard to accept that he soon will be a toddler! I know it will have to be done soon, since I can't tell you how many times people have told me what a cute girl he is. Maybe by the next month's blog post, you'll see a new buzz cut!


  1. He is sooo cute! Why do they grow up so quickly? He looks like he is the happiest all the time. Happy late b'day!

  2. oh how precious! We sure miss little ones around here.