Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting old?

Have you ever had times where you feel like you were back doing the something you remember doing when you were younger-say 15 or 20 years ago? Had one of those moments tonite playing "Sorry" with my kids! I loved this game growing up and played it a lot! It's almost kind of a mean game when you think about it, since your only goal is to knock the other person off the board! Yes, I did get slightly evil when I played it back then. I also get that nostalgic feeling when I play skeeball at an amusement place (I was a pro) or when I hear certain music (Do you wear your sunglasses at night?). Goodness, all I need is a Swatch watch and a bad perm and it could actually be me 20 years ago! Except that, oh yeah, I'm much older now..and I don't really like perms. My kids remind me often that I'm no longer really young. I have officially entered the "old" age. They start their questions with comments like, "Mommy, back in your time....." or "In the old days..." Okay, I can't really be THAT old, can I? When is the cutoff point? Well, I may be getting older on the outside-and I remember thinking, when I was 15, that 30 was soooo old-but I'm feeling plenty young on the inside! I am thankful that I am now wiser, more content, and much more grounded than I was 20 years ago! I look forward to the future and what the Lord may have in store for me! And in case you're wondering, yes, it is my birthday next week! And I'll officially year older than the last one! :-)


  1. This was so funny! What a flashback! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

  2. I know how old you're turning! And no, it's not "old" at all because I'm the same age! LOL! Well, you do have 3 months on me, but that still doesn't make you "old" or even close to it. :)

  3. Happy birthday!
    You sing "I wear my sun glasses at night" well my son wore his sun glasses at night and got accused of being Elwood. Now are you old enough to remember who he is. Think Blues Brothers.
    When I grow up I will not be holding my tiny babies. :) I refuse to grow up too fast.

  4. LOL! Too funny! And i'm right there with ya! Believe it or not, i found my first gray hair today!....actually it's more like pure white.