Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Busy morning

Did you ever start off your morning with the best intentions, thinking your day was going to go pretty smoothly, but certain events made it take a much different turn? Well, that was my morning today! We started off with a trip to the doctor this morning at 9:45, with my six littlest ones in tow. Poor Rachel complained of an earache, which she said she'd had for a week, but hadn't mentioned to me until yesterday. I figured we'd be in and out fairly quick with a prescription and be on our way. I'm not quite sure if the doctor was just very busy today or what, but after a 45 minute wait, they took us back to the exam room. Picture an 8X8 exam room, stuffed with a momma and 6 little kids (plus a stroller!) Usually we only wait about 5 minutes in there, but today that wait was more like 35 minutes. The sweet staff made some exam glove balloons and drew faces on them to help entertain the kids-aren't they sweet? Here's Rachel, the patient....

She did very well and the doctor told us that yes, she does have an ear infection, and wrote us a prescription for antibiotics. Oh-here's John and Eden with their balloons, having lots of fun!

So off we go, prescription in hand to fill it. By now it is about 11:30. We were right near the grocery store, and since they had a pharmacy and were also having a good sale on meat this week, why not go there? I mean, when you've got six energetic, rambunctious little ones, isn't the first place you want to go the grocery store? :-) Yes, I admit it, sometimes I don't think things through quite as well as I should. Since there was hardly anyone in the store, I'm thinking they'll have that thing filled in 15 minutes. Nope, the pharmacist tells me, 45 minutes. we'll do lots of browsing around the store. We gathered up all the groceries, fed one very hungry baby Luke, and even did a potty break with everyone. While in line, the kids were putting up all the groceries and little Eden, my 2 yo, decided to make a break for it-where she was going, I don't know, but she went pretty fast down that cereal aisle! I'm sure I looked hilarious, telling my 8 yo to watch the baby in the cart while I went flying down the aisle after her. Lesson learned-always buckle the seatbelts in those little carts with the kiddie cars on them-they are way too easy to escape from! Finally, by 12:45, we were done, buckled in the car, and ready to go home and eat and have naps! Whew! I think I need one too!

With the exception of today, I have been able to make some progress on my organizing/cleaning out. I got a large part of our school shelves organized, though we still have many books to add. Aren't they looking pretty good? I have a label maker that I just love, so I've been labeling everything! It's nice to be more organized and know where everything goes.

I also discovered a new love for those over-the-door shoe holders. I have one on the back of several of the doors in our house-they're great for holding anything! Here's one on the back of the laundry room door off our kitchen, to hold our school supplies. It's so handy!

I love progress! Hopefully there will be more to come!


  1. Love the shoe holder idea. I'm going to go to the store and get one. But, I'm not going to take my 6 six little ones:) Hope you got your nap!

  2. Tea tree oil or a clove of garlic set in ear work great on an ear infection. They work faster and are healthier than antibiotics. It also saves a doctors visit.

  3. Remember when you first went to our sunday school at first southern? i remember Mike welcoming you guys and you were carrying little baby Rachel in the carrier. I was pregnant with Alyssa. Anyway, Alyssa is the one who gets ear infections at our house.....always the left and a couple of them per year. We've tried garlic and goldenseal and it never worked. Antibiotic sometimes don't even work. I just thought i'd tell you that i found something....actually two somethings that DO always work. I hate having to go to the doctor anyway, so we keep a strong probiotic and either give her that or take her to the chyropractor(a much shorter visit) to have C1 put back in place. Works every time! Sorry for the novel. You know, Rachel looks just like you!