Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Sewing

Around here, I am in spring cleaning mode. It always happens to me, after the end of our school year, I get the itch to get everything organized! During our usual schooling day, I feel like I have very little time to deep clean or organize much of anything. Because of that, things get out of place, worn out, and we seem to just accumulate too much junk! I'm on a quest-and so far, I've put a decent dent in things. I have worked on my kitchen, bookshelf, office, and master bedroom closet. They're looking better and I've gotten rid of about 3 trash bags full of stuff! I always feel so much lighter when I get rid of unneeded junk! My next step is the kids rooms. My boys' room scares me, but it must be done. What is it about boys and the way they keep their rooms? I know my kids' rooms will never be as clean as I would like, but if we can organize them well enough, my hope is to keep them at an acceptable level!
Along with spring cleaning, I am looking forward to completing some sewing projects that I really never get a chance to work on! I am no seamstress by any means, but sewing is a lot of fun! I have a tough time finding modest clothes for my girls, so it's helpful to be able to sew a simple skirt for them when needed. I finished a cute skirt for Eden the other day. Too bad she really didn't want me to take a picture of her at the time!

I loved the fabric when I saw it-kind of looks like a bandana. It's a cute style....very flowy and girly! I plan on sewing a matching one for Hannah also. I have several other projects, too, including my second swimsuit for the girls-everything is easier the second time around!
Along with planning for the next school year, the cleaning and projects should keep me plenty busy, along with chasing all the kiddos around, until we start back school in July! Yay for summer break!


  1. First it was the beautiful cake a couple of posts ago, and now this adorable skirt...Is there nothing you can't do?:) Great Job!

  2. Nah, Amy can do ANYTHING! Seriously, you and your family are perfect! LOL! Okay, so I know that's not ture, but you are very talented and very busy. Great job, mama! :)

  3. Wow! Your girls are always so femine and modest. What a blessing you share with the girls by sewing what they wear.