Friday, May 29, 2009

Happenings at our House...

The past few days have been very full, it seems, with lots to do in and outside of the house. Wednesday, we celebrated Dad's birthday. I won't divulge his age except to say that he is one year older than last year! :-) The kids genuinely enjoyed preparing for the special day. The girls decorated the kitchen with streamers and balloons and helped me make a giant cookie for him, as he is not a "cake" kind of guy.

Not as fun as a frilly cake, but it was yummy!

One of the kids' favorite things to do now is challenging dad to a chess game! The littler ones are just learning, but the older kids have put up quite a challenge! If they keep this up, pretty soon they may beat him!

With a house full of so many people, food is a big deal-it seems like we are always preparing it! The past couple of years, I have been trying to train my kids better in the kitchen. We started with the kids helping out with breakfasts. For the older ones, they can choose what they would like to make and do it on their own, for the most part. The younger ones need more assistance, but they do well, and love being able to pick the meal! Here is Sarah making one of her favorites, waffles. These were gobbled up quickly with lots of syrup.

Oh-did I mention that Luke is really enjoying eating some more solid foods lately? Can you guess what his favorite one is? I'll give you a's stuck to him...

Desperately in need of some supplies, we decided to make a big grocery shopping trip today....with everyone in tow! I don't usually do this, for understandable reasons, but with circumstances being as they were, it's just how it worked out. Here they are-well, at least 6 of them-before heading into WalMart.

I was actually quite impressed with how well they did, especially since it was a very long trip. The promise of a yummy treat at the end helped them all remember to be on their best behavior! I can't tell you how many times I heard, "Are they all yours?" After a long day, we were all beat. We're ready for some rest and to sleep in tomorrow!


  1. Good for you going out with your crew! I have to pack my 6 when I go out. How many times have I heard "are they all yours" I would love to give some creative answers.
    "Yes, and they all have the same father too."
    "Yes, God blessed me how could I say no."
    "Yes, and I am a busy mommy and you are waisting my time with your stupid question."
    "Yes, and I hope God fills your house hold with blessings too!"
    "Yes, have I offended you by reproducing?"

  2. How fun! Happy belated birthday, Larry!

    I just taught Jonathan how to make scrambled eggs the other day. I knew he could easily do it, but I have just hesitated because of using the stove. He is just a few months younger than Sarah, so I need to get him to cooking other things! He loves it! :)

    I've been meaning to ask you, since you've got much more experience. :) How early do you start letting them use the stove or oven (or kitchen in general) unsupervised? And how old usually when they start mowing? Golly, I can't believe I'm asking these things now because my kids are old enough to do these things! Where does the time go???

  3. I bet you do get asked that a LOT! I've been amazed at the shocked looks I've gotten a couple times, by mentioning #4 is on the way ... I mean, four! You'd think I had said #18 - lol!