Saturday, January 2, 2010

Girls and dolls

There's certain things almost all girls love-flowers, pretty clothes, babies, and dolls. There's more, I'm sure, but those are just a few, in my experience. Well, today we found a printable paper doll set in the back of one of our magazines-and my 10 yo daughter was just delighted to cut it out and dress the dolls up. I thought there outfits were beautiful-much more beautiful than most paper dolls. It's a nice change to see such modestly dressed girls, too, which is not the norm nowadays. Here are the dolls after she got them all prettied up!

I decided to do a search for free printable dolls on the internet and came across quite a few, though there were a lot I wouldn't even bother with. Did you know there's even a Hillary Clinton paper doll? I fully expected to find some printable pantsuits to go with her, but it was actually her inaugural outfit instead. Kind of funny, though. There's also a Miley Cyrus paper doll. Goodness, don't we see enough of her at Walmart? Well, I did find some promising ones here, here, here, and here. That should keep us busy for a while!


  1. Thank you, Amy! I have already printed out a set for Lauren. She will love it! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!


  2. Amy, This is adorable. It's nice to see girls being little girls, Children grow up much too fast. U r a great Mom to do this. Please tell my grand daughters, i said this is wonderful, Love u all. We r in Phx. Dicks surgery is tomorrow, i will as soon as the Dr. tells me whats going on. Love Rose xo