Friday, January 8, 2010

Learning to bake bread

Today was the girls' homemaking club meeting at our house and the topic was yeast breads. Our assignment was to make bread from scratch, knead by hand, let it rise, and bake. It was perfect timing for the lesson, since my big Bosch mixer just stopped working 2 days ago, so looks like I will be doing plenty of hand kneading. Well, it didn't exactly stop working, just stopped turning the dough hook in the bowl-the motor still works, though. In our big family, this could be considered a slight crisis! Anyway, the girls mixed everything up, kneaded until they were tired and then shaped it into loaves. Here's a few in the pans.
While they waited for it to rise, they made some homemade butter from whipping cream. Pour into a glass jar and shake, shake, shake! It takes a while, but it works! Acutally, toward the end, I did a lot of the shaking. They were tired!
After the rising came the baking. Here is the final product. It tasted quite yummy spread with the homemade butter! Dad got to sample some at dinner and gave it two thumbs up! Good job girls!


  1. Amy, yo are amazing!!!!!!!! What a Mom. U r super woman. The children are very lucky to have u as their Mom,
    Love Rose xo

  2. that's so cool! If I lived near you I'd be begging for my daughter to be coming to your club!!! I, myself, really want to learn to make homemade bread ... one failed attempt and I've yet to try again :c Looks delicious!