Sunday, January 24, 2010


It is done! The annual Yonda kids portrait was taken today and turned out realtively well. No one cried, not even baby (without his pacifier, might I add!) She took about 15 shots and we picked out what we thought was the best one. I think it turned out pretty cute! Please don't ask why we (Mom and Dad) are not in the picture with them. Honestly, we're not that cute and really, it's enough just getting all 10 of them ready to take a portrait, let alone ourselves. You don't know how many times we heard, "But I don't have any black shoes!" (Oh yes, you do!) and "Why do I have to get my hair done like that?" (Because I said so!) and my favorite, "Why can't we just wear our football jerseys? (Because this is a portrait, not a football game!) But we survived and have a pretty good picture out of the whole experience. Here it is!

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