Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little school

We homeschool seven of our kids from Kindergarten up to 10th grade. We also have 3 preschool aged little ones (I call them my itty bitties) that aren't officially doing school, but like to do something to feel like one of the "big" kids! I like to take more of a relaxed, fun approach when my kids are little, so learning doesn't seem like a drudgery, but full of opportunity. So for us, we keep it simple. Lots of puzzles-one of my 2yo's favorite!

Some counting and color workbooks from Rod and Staff (love 'em!)

Here's my 5 yo who is kindergarten age (not officially preschool anymore, but still young!) doing some of his handwriting. He has a short attention span, so we try to make it quick!

And the littlest guy, doing some puzzles. He actually likes them, even if he can't quite fit the pieces where they go.

We like to keep lots of learning toys around-I especially love the ones from Lauri. They help teach counting, colors, shapes, and motor skills. Here's little guy trying to stack up the pegs. I was quite impressed-he did this all by himself! I love the facial expression-total concentration.

So there you have it-a glimpse of preschool at our house. Most importantly, we try to keep it fun and also change up the activities frequently so they don't get too bored. I've noticed that preschoolers+boredom= mischief! My little ones can get into plenty of that, so I try to help include them as much as possible. Happy schooling!


  1. What a great home school! Looks like a lot of fun & learning at the same time. Great job as usual. Luke seems very smart. What happens after 10th grade? Do they go to public school? They all look so happy. What a wonderful family.
    Love Rose xo

  2. I have to come and get tips for my 2 year old Peter... we have too much mischief and PBS going on here! : )

  3. that's so neat - and looks like lots of fun!

  4. My how your kids have grown. Ben and I still talk about you guys and some of the wisdom you bestowed on us while we were at fsbcdc.
    Glad I found your blog! -Meredith Livingston Ramsey