Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend happenings

Today I took 3 of my kiddos to Lowe's for one of their build and grow workshops. Today, they were building a wooden tic-tac-toe set. Very cute! Pretty simple design, but it took us a few minutes to figure out which pieces went where when they were almost all identical, just varying a bit on the length. Here's my 8 yo getting started on hers-

And my 5yo with the hammer-he loves that hammer! He even asked if he could take it home with him. Sorry buddy, not ours!

And surprisingly, my 4yo did very well. No smushed fingers or anything!

Here they are with the finished product. Didn't they do a great job?

After we got home, my 11 yo started prepping for his upcoming boyscout camping trip. He practiced putting up and taking down his tent and making sure he could pack and unpack everything in his big backpack. Here he is peeking out of the tent for the camera!

Tomorrow will be very busy, too. After church, we are having portraits taken. It is our once a year picture, so hopefully all will go smooth and everyone will be somewhat smiling! I may have the picture to post soon. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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  1. What a fun time!!!!!!!! Looks like John is having fun. Great Momma. Michael looks all set. I bet he will have a great time. My love to all, Love rose xo