Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little football fan

I was going thru some kids clothes the other day and found this cute little Cardinals football suit that had been passed down from our other boys when they were little. It was little guy's size, so I just had to put it on him. Unfortunately, the only time I can get a picture of him being still is when he's asleep, so this shot was perfect! I have several football lovers in my house, including Dad, so he fits right in. Unfortunately, they're not really Cardinals fans, but love the Giants. My Dad-little guy's Grandpa-loved the Cardinals, though, and went to many games over the years. Even when they were no good, he still cheered them on-a diehard fan! Though they never got a chance to meet, I know he and little guy would have been great football buddies, enjoying some snacks while watching the game. Though little guy doesn't really cheer-it's more of a yell. And even if he doesn't know who the Cardinals are right now, you never know, he just may end up being one of their next big fans! At least for now, he sure looks cute in the outfit! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Too precious!!!!!!!! What a little football player he already looks like. Your Dad would be so happy. You are so good with the camera. What a Mom. Love Rose ooo