Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spelling, spelling, spelling

My 7yo and 10 yo daughters participated in a spelling bee today with other fellow homeschoolers. It was their first time participating and they were a bit nervous, but they did great! It takes a lot of courage to get in front of people like that. I'm so proud of them both!
There were many great spellers there and the words got more difficult with each round. My 7yo got second place in the younger division and won a trophy, and both received a certificate for participating. A couple of my other kids came to watch and provide support and, though they didn't want to enter this year, after watching it, they both said they definitely wanted to sign up next year. What a great experience!


  1. I'm so very proud of both of the girls! what a great thing to do, Amy (MOM), ur the st.It is very hard to get up in front of a bunch of people. What a great job well done. I'm very very proud Grandma.
    Love Rose xo

  2. that's so great! how fun for them and congrats!