Friday, January 15, 2010

Pie baking

I love to bake-it is my passion, for sure. But one thing I really don't bake is pies. Not any particular reason-I guess they just always felt like more of a holiday thing to me. But my 7 yo daughter asked me out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago if we could make an apple pie together. I told her yes, but I didn't have time set aside at that point. I bought the supplies at the store and a couple of days ago, we finished schoolwork early and decided to get going on that pie baking! She absolutely loved making it! She was very insistent on having a lattice top, which I think looks much prettier anyway. Now we did cheat a bit and did not cut up our own apples-we used canned, but it saved a whole lot of time so I was all for it. Here's the finished product-yummy caramel apple pie. After sampling, the whole family gave a thumbs up!


  1. What a Mom!!! Mary did a great job. Please tell her so. U r preaparing these girls for a wonderful life, home maker & person, U r a true blessing,Love Rose xo

  2. I have a cherry pie rec. that Macy asked for on her b'day every year, that's how much she loves it. The lattice work is a bit harder to do, so kuddos to you. Great job. It looks beautiful.