Thursday, December 31, 2009

Singing fun

One of the more enjoyable items around our home this holiday was one that wasn't even a gift! It was purchased by my 16 yo son with some of his extra work $$$$. He bought Guitar Praise from CBD. If you've never heard of it, think Guitar Hero minus the wordly music, but instead putting Christian praise music in it's place. Essentially, you follow along with the song, playing it on guitar and earning points when you get the chords right. Here's my 14yo playing one nite...

The kids and I had great fun dancing around and singing the songs. Wow, we're goofy! Check out these moves!

And little sister doing her twirls!

But here is the ultimate chunky pants dancer! Really, he loooooves to dance! It's almost as if he can't help moving his body when music comes on.

We had such a fun time..and I love that my kiddos are listening to music that praises the Lord!


  1. Wonderful! This blog makes my heart feel all warm & fuzzy! What a wonderful thing to do as a family. Music brings peace to a home. Love Rose xoxox

  2. oh wow - that's so cool! I've been really wanting to get guitar hero or rock band, cause it looks like such a fun game for a family (especially older ones) ... I've never heard of this game, will have to look into it! I love that they're having fun and dancing around, that's great!