Friday, December 11, 2009

Studying Africa...

We have been studying Kenya in our homeschool for the past couple of weeks now and have found it quite interesting. Kenya is one of those countries I never knew anything about, so I was happy to start this unit. Sometimes I feel so ignorant to what the rest of the world is like-and that is not a good thing! Kenya has over 33 million people-not small by any means, but it's amazing how little most of us know about it. I didn't know that it is just slightly smaller than Texas-and also that the average life expectancy is only 48 years. Wow-that is very short compared to the United States. We have done a few projects during our studies- here are the kiddos showing off the african necklaces they decorated for an art project.

One day they made a mural of an African grassland. Their job was to color it and cut out and paste on pictures of animals that would live there. I got a kick out of this one-if you look closely, you can see a few animals that just DON'T belong! A polar bear on the left, a chicken in the middle----hmmmm...I just don't think they should have been in THIS picture, do you? Apparently, we need to review this part of the unit.

Next week we will be trying our hand at making some Kenyan food. Hopefully we do not have any major accidents as we did with the German cooking. I don't think we will-something tells me their food will be fairly simple.

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