Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I wrote a while back about my 4 yo daughter's injury back in November. She had her skin graft over a month ago and is healing nicely. She has been going to physical therapy for the past month also, to help her finger heal straight, as her tendency is to keep it bent. She has exercises we do together 3 times a day and also wears a splint several times a day. She just finished up her last session yesterday at the physical therapist, a wonderful woman who has helped my shy little girl feel at ease. Interestingly enough, while we were at her last session, Dad was taking 8 yo daughter to the doctor for a significant staph infection in her finger. (Never a dull moment around here, right?) Happily, she is on 2 antibiotics which should take care of it this week-poor thing. Anyway, that's a different story! Here's 4 yo with her splint on her finger.
And doing one of her exercises. This one involves picking up beans with her injured hand and putting them in a bowl.
She has another visit back to the plastic surgeon this next week. Hopefully he will give the thumbs-up to the healing process and we'll only need another visit or two back just to check up on it. It's amazing how an injury that happens in just a split second can require so much work to rehabilitate. She is such a good patient, though, and given time, I'm sure her finger will be back to its old self!

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  1. Poor little Hannah, my prayers r with her. Please tell her Grandma said she loves her & hopes she feels better real soon. love Rose xo