Friday, November 20, 2009

A very unexpected day!

It's funny how plans can change so quickly! Today started off like any other, and I was looking forward to spending the afternoon at home-a nice break from all the running around we had been doing lately. The kids and I had been studying Germany in school and decided to try our hand at making some German food! Our first recipe was potato pancakes. In an effort to cut the prep time, I decided to take down my food processor to help with the shredding. I removed the sharp blade and replaced it with the shredding attachment. I set the blade on the counter and saw my 3 yo moving toward it to look at it. As she began to pick it up, I told her to put it down, as it was very sharp. At that point, she took a step off the stool she was standing on, landing on the ground, with her hand on top of the blade. Of course she was crying and blood was gushing out. I quickly grabbed a towel and held it down to stop the bleeding, still not even looking at the severity of the cut. After about 10 minutes, the bleeding was still going and looking at it, it looked quite deep. I decided to pack her up and take her and older sister to the urgent care near our house. After the doctor inspected it, he determined it had cut through the top 2 layers of skin and what was exposed was the underlaying fatty tissue. It would not heal on it's own and she needed surgery to repair it. He referred us to a plastic surgeon about 30 minutes away and asked us to go directly there. In agreement with the other doctor, he stated she would need a skin graft, with the skin being taken from the inside of her arm and sutured on to her finger. With it already being 4:30 in the evening, there was no way to do it that day, so she is scheduled for surgery bright and early at 7:00 Monday morning. She was scared during the whole thing-crying to go back home. I know she will be scared before the surgery, but it will be quick, and at least she will not feel any of it. For now, her finger is wrapped up, and we have her on a course of antibiotics and change the dressing often. Poor thing-my heart goes out to her-it is hard to see your kids hurt. Along with the pain meds and antibiotics, I made sure to pick up something at the drugstore that is sure to help relieve some of the pain-lollipops! You might laugh, but I saw it at work today-both doctor's offices had them and it gave her an instant smile! Pray that my little sweetie's surgery goes smoothly next week and that her finger heals well. That's it for my unexpected day!


  1. Oh, Amy, I am so sorry! Our family will be praying for your little one. Please post how she is doing next week.

  2. Ouch, poor Hannah! Praying for all to go well with the surgery, and for her not to have pain.
    Kisses on that ouchy finger xxx

  3. Amy,
    I'm so very sorry. Bless her heart. Poor little baby girl. I will keep her in prayer. please keep me posted, good luck. The Lord will be with her.
    Love Rose & Grandma xo

  4. oh my goodness - your poor little girl! Glad to see she's had the surgery and all is going well, though! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!