Sunday, November 29, 2009

The holiday season

Thanksgiving has already come and gone, which means the Christmas season is upon us. Though many people look forward to this time all year, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I love what the true meaning of Christmas is-Christ being born into this world-but I dislike how the holiday has become so commercialized. From the annual Black Friday sales to the giant Toy catalogs that come in the newspaper, the message is clear-shop 'till you drop! I am amazed at how much money people will spend on that perfect Christmas gift, charging up their credit cards and being a slave to the debt, come the new year. Sure, the gift may be nice, but the newness will fade and next year, there will be something even bigger and better to buy. When we keep our focus on Christ, we will not be disappointed. He loves us unconditionally, doesn't cause us to go into debt, and can satisfy as no other gift can. If we celebrate Christmas as Christ's birth, let's treat it as that. On a birthday, we give gifts to the person whom we are celebrating, right? Why not give Jesus a gift? Since Jesus does not need material things, we can best honor Him by serving others in His name. Whether it be donating money to a worthy cause, buying gifts for a family in need, or just befriending a lonely person, there are so many out there who need to feel the touch of Jesus this season. We can let Him work through us, if we are willing. Please realize I am not saying that all gift giving is bad, or that shopping at Black Friday is evil, just that the focus can easily shift to the wrong thing. When I ask myself- what is the true reason for the season?- I want to be able to answer Christ and Christ only!

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  1. AMY,
    You are a true blessing! We all need to remmber the true meaning of the season. I feel people get wraped up with the whole Christmas thing. Even as far as people fighting in the stores over a item!!!!!!! Crazy, the lord wouldn't have wanted that. When you are a empty nest, you can go & help others. You really should have been a writer. You write so wonderful. I try very hard to always give to others. As no one knows that someday we can all in the same boat. You are the very best. I'm so very proud to have you Amy as my daughter in-law. I really don't feel as if you are my daughter in-law, i truly feel as if you are my daughter. I love you bunches.
    Love rose xo