Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our non-traditional Halloween night

We stopped celebrating Halloween quite a while ago-probably over 10 or 12 years ago, meaning we don't participate in trick or treating or in other festivals that celebrate Halloween. So what did we do this Halloween? Well, we started out with an evening of toenail painting for the!

Here's my sweet Mary with a smile on her face after seeing her pretty pink nails.

This is Sarah painting her own (wouldn't let me touch 'em!)

Then after a yummy dinner, we began our handing out of treats to all who came to our door. We hand out candy along with children's tracts that tell about Jesus. It is a great opportunity to outreach to others and the kids love the comic book style tracts, too! Here's my lively bunch getting ready to answer the door.

During the door answering, my kids certainly get their fill of candy (I buy extra for them). They have a great time and don't miss the trick or treating at all-they just enjoy eating the candy!

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