Tuesday, July 14, 2009

School's in Session!

A little bit early, you say? Well, I am one of those people who likes to get a headstart on things-and since we homeschool, we have the freedom to start our school year ahead of everyone else and take time off during the year when all the other kids are in school! Oh, the beauty of homeschooling!
Monday was our official first day-it was nice to be back into a good routine, and we learned a lot of interesting things already! Here are Mary, Michael, and Sarah checking out an interesting book on animals for science.

And Rachel, during reading time. I am so proud of how far she's come in her independent reading since last year! She's truly come to love books.

We can't forget those little ones. Here's Luke, with his globe, learning the location of all the continents-and all this at not even 8 months of age! :-)

Eden worked hard on her coloring, except it did transfer off the coloring book occasionally. She's also been practicing her skill of dressing and undressing herself, as you can see from that tag on the front of her shirt!
And look at this cool thing we found on our wall! We found a spider carrying his next meal away-a fly! I can actually say I am thankful for spiders when I see this, as I despise the flies here in the summer!

We topped off our first day with a fun treat-cupcakes! The kids got to each frost and decorate their own. Yummy! I don't have a picture of that because they devoured them so quickly! All in all, a good start to the year. We are looking forward to learning great things together this year and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us!


  1. Homeschool moms will make anything a learning op, won't we? Happy Learning!

  2. What is it about 2 year olds? Elijah is taking the clothing on and off all day long too. We were planning on starting school on Monday as well, instead; We have some cold flu thing. We decided to take it slow and learn life skills like clean the kitchen, return and do it right and organize the play room/library. You keep things so tidy and organized.It is easy to see how you can get the job done. I appreciate how well your children know how to do their jobs too! You are an inspiration to me! :)