Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's hot!

It's hot here right now in Houston (which anyone knows who lives here!) 100 degrees with humidity feels more like 110! And this is coming from someone who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona-the weather equivalent of a preheated oven. We are in desperate need of rain, too, not only to cool things off, but to green up the lawns, which look more of a burnt brown color than a nice green. Well, with the heat comes finding fun ways to keep cool! My kiddos love the water, whether it be from a sprinkler, hose, or our little kiddie pool. I am still too paranoid to graduate to anything bigger than a kiddie pool after seeing our neighbor's child nearly drown in a swimming pool years ago. Something like that just sticks with you! Really, my kids don't really mind-as long as there's water, they're happy. The only thing I don't really like about summer is the swimwear-just a little too revealing for my taste. So we opted for a different, more modest style of suit for the girls. I made my first one last summer, but with Sarah growing so quickly, she needed a new size this season! This is the suit I finished making for her a couple weeks ago. Keep in mind, I am no seamstress, but she loves it! I think it's cute, too.

As with anything, it was a little easier the second time around, though my workmanship could have been much better! (We had an incident when I was snipping threads too quickly). I was in a rush to try to get it done, considering it is the middle of summer! It really isn't too difficult of a pattern-the only thing that takes some getting used to is that slippery swimsuit material. Not the easiest to sew with. Well, she'll get a lot of use out of it if this hot weather keeps up. Personally, I'm praying for rain to bring my shriveled up plants and shrubs back to life! Hope you all are staying cool-drink lots and spend plenty of time in the air conditioning!


  1. Wow, what a great job! I love the pattern! I usually just put a unitard on Jayla, and so far they have proven to be great, inexpensive, MODEST swim suits for her. :) But I know that they will not always seem as modest as she grows, so I will need to get or make her something like this. I've looked at so many online. Where did you get this pattern?

  2. I got this pattern at It has multiple sizes on each pattern, which is nice too. Let me know if you make one-I'd love to see the finished product. Happy sewing!

  3. hey, don't know if you'd remember me - I used to go to FSBC in Oklahoma, I was in a sunday school class with you and worked in the nursery for a while! anyhow, I wanted to tell you that I LOVE that swimsuit - it's adorable! You did a great job! I found your blog through Cindy - hope you don't mind, I absolutely love blogs! God bless