Saturday, July 25, 2009

Future homemakers....

It is my heart's desire to pass along as many homemaking skills to my girls as I can. Cooking, cleaning, baking, shopping, managing finances, etc. Some areas we have worked on, others I have done very little with-life gets busy and I just don't make it as much of a priority as I should! Since they are still young (my oldest girl is 9), we try to keep it simple, but fun, so it doesn't seem like drudgery. One of the things they wanted to do this year was to learn some "fun" new skills and hobbies, many of which I know very little about! Going through their Keepers at Home handbook, they picked out several that they would like to try out. We are not going exactly by the book requirements, but sort of making up our own. There are so many, we will never get to them all, but we decided to work on just one or two a month. It sounds like fun and I hope to learn right alongside them. You're never too old to learn a new skill, right? This week, the girls made some simple dolls from dishtowels and potholders. They were named "Kitchen Angels". They were very simple, but a cute finished product. They even have a little poem you attatch to them to give as a gift. With Grandma coming to visit next week, Sarah knew exactly who she wanted to give her's to! It made me happy to see them so willing to bless someone else with something they took time to make. Here they are with their angels-
Little sister Hanah is still young (just 3), but she is definitely my most ambitious little homemaker! I call her my second mom. She folds towels for me, brings me diapers, keeps watch over her younger siblings, and helps clean, too! Here she is helping sweep the kitchen, without even being asked-what a blessing!
I have to say that not all of mine are like that-after all, training means having to repeat things and do them over and over until they are learned, right? I do pray that she keeps her willing heart-it is a wonderful character trait-one that we all should have. In fact, the most valuable homemaking skill of them all!

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