Friday, July 3, 2009

My little car

As most of you know, I drive a big 15 passenger van-I call it my "bus". Not an actual bus, really, but it's pretty big. Surprisingly, I love it and it's not as hard to drive as most people think. This week, though, my car has been in the shop getting some bodywork and painting done. So here's what I've been driving around in this week....

My little VW Jetta! No, not really mine, just a rental, but it's what's been getting me where I need to go this week. When I say "where I need to go", it hasn't really been much more than running down to the Walgreens on the corner or to pick up a library book. As you can tell, this car wouldn't fit my 10 kids in it-well, maybe if you played some circus music, we could all come piling out of the car, but it just wouldn't be safe to drive like that! So I've been limited to dashing out for a few minutes here and there when needed, while my oldest watch some of the younger ones. Even between our 2 cars, we still couldn't fit everyone in them, which meant only half of us could go to church Sunday. Everyone kept asking me if the rest of the family was sick at home-nope! Just car-less! We were also hoping to go see the movie "Up" this week, after my sweet sister sent us an AMC giftcard (isn't she nice?), but alas, we can't go since we can't all actually get to the theater! I have to say, I miss my big bus. I'm ready for it to come back home. Hopefully, tomorrow that will be my reality. I'm ready to say "good riddance" to my itty bitty car! I have to admit, though, it has been nice driving on $5 worth of gas all week, something I could never do in my big gas guzzler. Oh well, I guess there's tradeoffs in everything, right? And at least gas isn't near that $4 mark that it once was. Some things are just worth it-and for my big family, room for everyone in my car is worth every penny!

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  1. With a huge family like yours, a minivan would definitely be needed. Trips are much pleasurable when you travel all together, the whole family, in just one car! I hope your “big bus” was repaired as god as new, by the way.