Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Seamstress

Since we have finished up school, it's time to devote our days to some things we don't always get around to doing-cleaning, field trips, and, in this case, sewing! My 10 yo daughter recently sewed herself a skirt and my 7 yo decided that she definitely wanted to do one, too! During our trip to the fabric store, it took her about 10 seconds to pick out the fabric she loved-pink, with butterflies all over it. Perfect. We worked thru the project together and this afternoon, she proudly tried on her new skirt. Isn't it pretty?

She was quite a trooper, with this being her first project. She got a burned finger from using the iron, but besides that, she said she really enjoyed it. I'm so very proud of her for working so hard on it.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Lauren recently sewed her first skirt too, and it was pink and white flowers. They must have similar taste. :)