Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Builders

On Saturday, I took 5 of the kids to Lowe's for one of their kids' workshops. With aprons on and hammers in hand, they were ready to go! The project? Building a bird feeder. It wasn't too complicated, but it did have a lot of steps, so I helped the youngest ones with putting the nails in the holes and then prayed they wouldn't hammer my fingers (they didn't, but they came close). We only had one mishap-my 7 yo discovered one of her pieces was missing and had to redo the roof part using pieces from another kit. Happily, we hung up all 5 and filled them with birdseed. The birds seem to be enjoying it-and with so many feeders, they're sure to find a vacant one! Here's four of the crew with their finished product! (The fifth declined to be in the shot)

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