Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Tomorrow is a very special day to celebrate-the day that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified on the cross. Hallelujah! He lives! It saddens me to see the world taking such a precious holiday and trying to change the meaning of it. So many kids today grow up thinking Easter is about bunnies, egg hunts, and candy. I love candy as much as the next person, but our kids and the rest of the world need to know the true meaning of Easter. Let us not allow fun, games, and fuzzy bunnies to be the focus of the day, but give thanks for the sacrifice the Lord has made for each of us Had it not been for Him, none of us would have the opportunity to spend our eternity in Heaven forever, but would be condemned to a lifetime of separation from the Lord. Jesus did the first part by dying on the cross for our sins, but still, we must put our trust in Him and choose to follow Him, instead of our own way. So give thanks, enjoy your Easter-and your family! I certainly will enjoy mine, especially since we have my husband's mother here visiting. Hubby has a great meal planned, and for dessert, I baked up something special. I can't bring myself to make bunny cake, so I decided to make a cross cake to honor the day. Yummy! Here's how it turned out....

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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  1. Amy! This cake is gorgeous! You are so talented.