Monday, April 19, 2010

English muffin bread

Today I tried out a new recipe for English muffin bread. One of those recipes I had stashed away but had never tried. My kids started asking me about buying English muffins, so it sparked my interest. It was relatively easy to make, so that's a plus. Want to know how it turned out? Well here's how it looked...

Kind of a wimpy looking loaf, in my opinion. I like my bread taller looking, but maybe that's how they meant this recipe to be. After all, english muffins don't really rise a lot when you think about it. I sliced it up and let the kids try it. Everyone seemed to like it and agreed that it did taste like an English muffin. I don't think the texture was the same exactly, but toasted and slathered in butter, I'm sure it will taste quite yummy. I think this recipe will be a keeper!

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