Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bargain shopping.

I have a Sam's club not too far from my home that I shop at for certain things, but even given the size of our family, not for most of the items we use. Yes, we do need that 36 roll pack of toilet paper, but maybe not the 5 pounds of crackers! Primarily, I buy my shredded cheese, honey, yeast, pepperoni, trash bags, paper towels, peanuts, and some meds. Of course, we get other things depending on the trip, but those tend to be the basics. I also love going early in the morning-they open at 7 am for business members (love it!) I was doing a quick 7 am run this week to get some supplies and walked past the clothing section. I saw some pretty girls church dresses that I had admired in an earlier visit, marked down to just $4.81! I guess they were marked down because it was after Easter. What a steal-these dresses were gorgeous! So I promptly snapped up 2 for my 3 and 4 yo. Here's a picture of it.

I was so happy. They wore them to church today and looked so cute. The picture really doesn't do it justice.
During a quick run today to Wal-Mart to get dishwasher soap, I saw ad all their Easter items marked for 10 cents. My 8 yo daughter, who has a birthday in June, had told me recently that she wanted a dinosaur party. I just happened to spot packages of light camoflauge color easter eggs in the mix. Hubby agrees, they really do look like a dinosaur egg! I snatched up several packages that we are going to use in planning some of her party games. Quite the bargain, considering they were regularly $2 a package. I love finding bargains, but these 2 bargains probably weren't due to my "hunting", but more of being in the right place at the right time. But still a great deal!

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