Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, I did it again...

Yep, I killed another appliance! Don't worry, this time it's just my little hand mixer, but I think that would make #7 for us. Really, I'm not kidding. Okay, you must be thinking I'm mixing gravel or something-no, not exactly. This one died while mixing a batch of frosting. Yes, frosting. Not something terribly thick or heavy or overpowering. But the beaters locked up, made that awful screeching noise, and that was that. Seriously, I don't know what it is about me, but I cannot make a mixer last more than a couple months, tops. (The shortest life span was a mere week). I've even done the expensive ones, like the Kitchenaid, with no better results. I do have my large Bosch mixer that I use all the time (and managed to kill, too, just a couple months ago), but for the small jobs, it's nice to have something less cumbersome. But it seems no matter what brand or price range I try, it's a losing battle. I am an appliance killer. I have learned my lesson, though, on this. 1) Always buy at Walmart-their return policy is great. You have 90 days to return most anything with original packaging. 2) Save your receipt, so you can take advantage of #1! So guess where this mixer will be going back to this week? You guessed it! For the record, this one lasted exactly 2 months, 2 days. Hubby and I joke and say that companies should use our family as product testers so they can develop better items, but as we thought about it, they probably wouldn't like that idea, as it would only show how junky their products really are! Seriously, if you know of a good hand mixer that is kill-proof, I'm all ears! But for now, I'm heading out for mixer #8!

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  1. O my, you are funny!! But aleast you saved the receipt. Good job. Love ya xo