Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our week

Wow-hard to believe I haven't blogged at all this week. I really had every intention, but got in the way! This week was a busy one for us, but with lots of fun sprinkled in. My 12 yo son, who has been collecting football cards, received an album and sleeves to put them in for his birthday from his Grandma. He worked hard on it and got them all organized. Now he can see everything easily! He is hoping to find other kids who collect them to, since it's fun to trade them, but hasn't had much luck. Here he is showing off his collection.

Meanwhile, in school, my big boys had some more dissecting going on-two specimens this week. First, a perch. This little bugger was hard to cut through, but after they did, they were able to see its brain.

Then came the oversize frog. This is what I remember dissecting in school. The organs were very easy to identify, but they were a funny color. Not sure if that was from the preservatives, or if they're normally like that. It was pretty neat.

My sister sent a birthday package for my 12yo and also included a beignet mix in there from her trip to Louisiana. My son wanted to make it that nite, so we did. I had never had a beignet, but apparently they're pretty popular in New Orleans.

Here's what they looked like when he finished frying them up. They were pretty yummy and got gobbled up in a snap!

On Saturday morning, my husband and 2 daughters did a cooking spot on the local news. They were so excited to be on TV and did quite well. The theme of the show was cooking healthy with kids. Here is the link to both segments-go take a look!:
1. Trail mix
2. Granola bars

Later in the morning, I took several of the kids to the local grocery store for an easter egg hunt. I'm not much into the egg hunts, as I like to focus on the real reason of the holiday, but it was a good time for them. Unfortunately, it started raining (okay, pouring!) during the hunt, but they picked up a few candies anyway. Here's my 2 yo gathering a few to put in her basket!

We're off in just a little while to do another activity (whew! I need a nap!), so look for more blogging soon!

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  1. Hi My Dear Amy,

    I can't wait to come & see you all. I sure miss everyone, My love to all.
    Love Rose xo