Friday, March 26, 2010

Behind on my posts again!

Okay, I know in my last post, I promised to be posting more this week, but here I am, a week later, just now posting! Oh-where does the time go? Some days I forget what day it is!
Well, to give you an idea of what's been going on here, let's backtrack. During last weekend, my 3 oldest girls signed up to read to dogs at the library. These are trained therapeutic dogs that are used to doing this and are also often taken to hospitals to visit children and the elderly. My girls were so excited to do it and jumped at the chance. Each of them read 15 minutes and the dogs were so very patient in their listening!

Can you tell she just wishes she could take this one home?

This is my 2 yo, who was not signed up to read to them (obviously), but she kept sitting down next to the dogs, petting them. She really wanted to be in on the action. Even when I took her to pick out books, she mysteriously disappeared-and guess where I found her? Yep, right next to the dog.

This week gave us many opportunities to spend time outside-the weather was beautiful, for the most part. My kids have missed being outside, so they made sure they did plenty of swinging and jumping on the trampoline.

Today, the girls had another of their homemaking club meetings at our house. We decided to concentrate on easy to make one-dish foods. The girls made a recipe called BBQ cups, which used biscuits topped with BBQ beef and cheese. Here they are cooking the meat on the stove, very carefully.

Then putting the filling on top of the biscuits.

We practiced doing some table setting while the food cooked. I demonstrated and then we had a game to see who could remember where everything went. Amazingly, they got every piece right! So proud! The cups are a little off in this picture, though-they should be a little to the right, I think. Ooops!

Here is the finished product. They enjoyed making them and also sampling them, as did some of my older kids.

Those are just some of the highlights this week. I plan on spending some time this weekend doing some much needed (!) cleaning out and organizing, so maybe I will have some nice "after" pictures to post soon !


  1. Good luck on your cleaning and organizing. I need to sort out the summer clothes and store the winter clothes, but I just can't get motivated. Love the pics of the kids. They are growing up so fast.

  2. What a Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best of the best, can't wait to see you all, Love rose xo