Sunday, March 14, 2010


On the weekends, our family often likes to have a breakfast dish for dinner. Isn't this called brinner? It's different and nice to try something new. This weekend, I made a couple of baked french toast dishes. I started off with a couple of homemade loaves of challah bread ( I love it!). The first dish had more of a brown sugar/nut topping. Sort of like a sticky bun topping. Yum!
The second one had a fruit (in our case, blueberry) topping with streusel on top. Yummy, too!
It was very split on which one they preferred most, as we hardly had any left of either. Little guy gave the thumbs up on this meal!

Dad and our 8 and 10yo daughters decided to get some practice in for their upcoming TV spot. Yes, TV! I have celebrities in my house! As some of you know, my husband, who is a chef, has started doing a once-a-month spot on the local news in the morning. He works for the hospital system here, so his recipes all promote heart-healthy eating. Their next show is on Saturday, the 20th from 7-8 a.m. on channel 2, for all you locals who want to watch! Anyway, they practiced making one of their dishes-granola bars. They helped mix and dump everything in the pan, even though you only see Daddy mixing here....
Here is the final product-yummy, healthy granola bars that are very easy to make!

If you want to see more, you have to stay tuned next Saturday morning! :-)


  1. What a beautiful family! You are all so wonderful. What a true blessing you all are to be. I;m so blessing to part of this awesome family. Love you all, can't wait to see you all, Love Rose xo

  2. that's really neat! I didn't know he worked at a hospital ... during my time in L.A. (my baby was in the NICU) I was very surprised to find that UCLA's dining commons had such yummy food! I just always thought of "hospital food" as the food you get in your room, I tried that at UCLA too and it was not so good (though here my food when I was in the hospital after having the baby, it was yummy) ... guess some hospitals have good chefs - like your hubby!