Saturday, March 6, 2010

A quiet week?

This week started off fairly usual-homeschool, keeping house, tending kiddos, etc. But by mid-week, the baby came down with a nasty cold and fever that kept him in not-so-good spirits for the next 3 days. I thought we already had our fair share of sickness this season, but it seems this virus needed to get one last hold on us. Fortunately, the illness was confined to little guy, so it's fairly minor compared to the stomach virus we had a couple of weeks ago.

On a happier note, a sweet homeschooling friend offered us her stash of art supplies her son had outgrown and was not using. Having several budding artists in the house, we jumped at the opportunity. I had no idea just how much there was-probably 6 boxes full. My kids were excited about all the new treasures. Here's the little ones doing some coloring...

And my 5 year old exploring his new Buzz Lightyear art set.

It certainly kept them busy for a while!

By Friday, we were looking forward to the weekend. But at 3:00 that afternoon, it happened. My 11yo came running in and said his big brother had an accident with his pocketknife. I thought he was kidding at first, until I heard my 14 yo call to me to come quick. The first thing i saw was blood on his pants. Now, I do NOT do well with bleeding wounds at all. Little ones that only need a bandaid I'm fine with, but big ones....NO way! I tried my best to look at it and not freak out. It was in his upper thigh and pretty deep, so I knew he needed stitches. After contacting dad, we headed off to the urgent care. Knowing my squeamishness, my husband met me there and stayed with him for the rest of the visit. They x-rayed it to be sure he didn't hit his bone (ouch!) and then stitched him up and stapled it shut. His only restriction is no climbing or strenuous exercise until those staples come out (10 days). It could have been worse. But for now, the pocket knife has been put up, pending more responsible behavior.

Today (Saturday), I took out some of the kiddos for some fun. We headed to Michael's to take part in their kids' craft of making yarn dolls. I don't know what ages they were expecting to attend, but let me tell you, this was no kids' craft! It took us almost an hour to make all of them, as there was lots of braiding and tying involved-not easy for anyone under 12. Here's my 8 yo doing her best. Notice the woman in back? Even she couldn't figure out the directions on how to do it-yes, it was confusing!

Here's the finished products-they turned out pretty cute and the kids did have fun, even if mom was so sick of braiding she could scream!

After a couple errands, I dropped everyone at home and took my 2 year old out to lunch. Her choice? McDonald's, of course. Is there anywhere else a 2 year old wants to go? We had a great time, chatting and enjoying our meal, though she was more interested in the happy meal toy than anything.

Such a cutie, huh?
So, like I said, a pretty dull, quiet week at our house, right? :-)

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